Monday, August 12, 2013


One Sunday afternoon in March I received this text from my mom:
Mom: “You won't believe what Caroline caught Max doing behind her back!” 
Me: “What?” Of course I was thinking the worst — girls, drugs — the worst!  
Mom: “Max has been taking missionary lessons”
Me: “What!!! And behind her back? How did she find out and how could they do that without an adult present?”
Mom: “They were coming once a week 'til he told her. He is going to church tomorrow Caroline is going to go, too, so he doesn't have to go by himself. On Caroline's birthday we were at her apartment and we saw the missionaries walk by so Sal asked them to come in we introduced them so I guess they came back. Moana was home when the missionaries came over to teach him while Caroline was at work.”
Long story short, Max was baptized on April 13, 2013 at the age of 14½. Max turned 15 in July. I got a text from my mom last night, August 5th, saying that Max was asked to be the Teachers Quorum president. So proud of my nephew that he made the decision to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What a great example he is to his family.

Side Story: at the baptism Seth met a 3rd cousin on his dad’s side!

Max looks so much like my dad

Baptism Day & Seth with his 3rd cousin

My mom and I with Sister Dunn and Sister Gilson, who were my YW leaders a long time ago.

Uncle Jeremy and cousin Andrew with Max

Bob’s Big Boy after the baptism

Chandler AZ, Stake Trek 2013

Seth and I were asked to help out as support staff on our Stake Trek. At first I was not thrilled to go and as I thought about it I realized that I needed to step up and do hard things. As much as I hate to camp and be cold and dirty I knew that I needed to be an example to Rachel and Alex. Rachel was old enough this year to go, though she had a few trials to face. The Trek was physically and emotionally challenging but she endured and overcame the challenges she was faced with. It was hard to see her go through these experiences on her own but I’m so proud of her for going. She loved her Trek family and they loved her. During this week we saw many miracles, and was involved in some. After this experience I have a better understanding of Isaiah 41:10:
"Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." 
I learned that our Heavenly Father is always with us and strengthens us. Sometimes He does this through Young Womens leaders, friends, and family. Heavenly Father used Rachel's leaders as the instrument to perform the miracles we saw. I’m so grateful that my girls have leaders who love them and are great examples for them.

I survived the Trek and so did Rachel. Seth had so much fun with the black powder riffle activity he wants to do this again in 4 years! I don’t think he realizes that in 4 years he will be an even older old man – 50!

Rachel’s Trek Family

Getting Ready to Leave


Rachel sharing an experience she had with me

So tired!

Black Powder Rifle Shooting

Playing Cowboys

Sleeping Quarters

Camp Site

They made it and they are smiling!

Rachel with her Trek Ma

Rachel with her Trek Pa

Looking at these pictures 5 months later brings back so many wonderful memories of the experiences our family had. I can even feel the Spirit as I sit here and type.

Just in case you're wondering what a Trek is:
Every four years the youth of Chandler Arizona Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints depart on a multi-day reenactment of a 19th century handcart pioneer trek. The trek experience allows the youth to gain appreciation for those that paved the way before, to learn valuable lessons of perseverance, and strengthen their testimonies in Jesus Christ.

January - Monster Truck

We had the opportunity to get discounted tickets for Monster Truck through Seth’s work I thought that the girls might have an OK time going. I didn't expect them to actually LOVE it. They asked us if we would take them every year. At one point the girls asked if we could fly to every city that Monster Trucks would be in.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank Goodness For FaceBook

I can’t believe my last post was July 2011 and I never did finish writing about our trip to Utah. Thanks to Facebook I can summarize the remainder of 2011 and most of 2012 by reading my older statuses. Not every exciting to read about but at least I can have some sort of record for our family history.
2011 -
We had a great time in Utah visiting family and friends, I took the girls to the American Idol concert and they got to meet and take pictures with the top 12. Wow, was that an experience Alex and Rachel were so star struck and poor Rachel was crying hysterically when she got to meet some of her favorites.

September: Seth and I accepted our Stake Presidents challenge and we both created profiles on Seth, Alex and I took a road trip to San Francisco for my Grandma’s 90th birthday bash. It was Seth’s fist visit to the bay area and I think he must have liked it because we have been back three more times since then!
October: Alex turned 12.
December: Seth started a new job as US Airways and we are enjoying those flight benefits!!!
2012 -
February: We decided to tryout our flight benefits and fly to Vegas, when we got to the airport all seats were sold out so we decided to fly to San Francisco for the day and have lunch in China Town. We hoped on a flight to the bay area no jackets dressed in summer clothes. We rode the Bart into downtown and met my mom who had jackets waiting for us headed to China Town to find out it was Chinese New Year. What an amazing and fun day!

March: The girls had their State Cheer Championships. They took 3rd place which was amazing — they only had a month in a half to practice while the other teams had up to 5 months. We joined the Simpson girls for a day of skiing. Not much to be said about melting, spring snow in Flagstaff. It was Rachel’s and Alex’s first time skiing, I think well try it again in December on some real snow.


May: Rachel turned 15 and Jeremy graduated from High School - Yay!!!

June: We had a busy month! We flew to Ohio to visit our friends, the Hyer family, where we attended Megan's baptism. The girls spent a week at Girls Camp. For Fathers Day weekend we went to California, where the girls experienced Venice Beach and long boarding in Santa Monica. I can’t find the pics we took in Ohio. Sorry Hyers!

In August we went horse back riding — my first time. And we went to a Diamond Backs game with our friends, the Copes.

More August: After being married for over 4 years, Seth and I took our first trip together without the kids and went to San Francisco. We enjoyed a great dinner in Sausalito, road bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge, and attended my cousin's wedding. Seth had hurt his arm before going on this trip. We though maybe it was broken. When we got home he went to the doctor and fund out that he had disconnected his bicep. I have one tough husband he rode a total of 16 miles with his arm.

October: Alex turned 13. Rachel and I accompanied Seth on a business trip to Dallas. While Seth was in meetings I took Rachel to meet my friend Christina and her family. We took Rachel to the Texas State Fair and pigged out on some good Texas food!

November: Another busy month! The girls and I went to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premier. It's sad to see the end of this tradition. We spent Thanksgiving at my brother's house in Fontana, CA and also made an impromptu visit to Disneyland.

December: Seth’s parents invited the family to Park City to celebrate Christmas. We had so much fun tubing, skiing and spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandma and Grandpa. Rachel LOVED skiing, but Alex could take it or leave it. I did pretty well for one who had not skied in over 20 years. (Flagstaff did not count! The snow was melting and I slid down the mountain!)