Saturday, July 10, 2010


We decided to stay in town for a mini stay-cation. We took the kids to The Arizona Grand Resort for one night and two days. We had fun playing in the sun at the Oasis water park, relaxing and spending time together.Oasis

Even though you can’t tell by the pictures, Jeremy was with us and he brought his friend, Blake, along to keep him company.


The resort’s water park has two eight story water slides, one not-so-scary water slide, a lazy river and wave pool. I’m not a fan of roller coasters or the sensation of falling but I knew it would make Rachel’s day if I went down one of the eight story slides. So after much begging (on her part) and psyching my self up, I did it! I went down the less scary of the two — the one with the tube sticking out of the tower (see picture below). Don’t need to try that again! Seth went down both slides and loved every minute of it. It was fun to hang out at the bottom of the slide to see how big of a splash we would make. He got a few cheers from the crowd. I had a lot of fun hanging out with Alex on the lazy river and she was thrilled that I actually went swimming in the wave pool. Oasis 

For dinner we took the kids to Rustlers Rooste. Oh look, there’s Jeremy — see, I told you he was with us! We were entertained with a magic show at our table and the girls were left a little baffled by the tricks.

Rustler's Rooste

We feasted on rattlesnake, steak, BBQ pork ribs, grilled salmon, potato skins, coleslaw, baked beans, cow pie (ice cream), and free cotton candy. We were stuffed! They also have a fun indoor slide that we played on. This is a really fun place to have dinner.Rustler's Rooste

Fourth of July

We had fun at Schnepf Farms with our friends the Hyers. We took a picnic dinner and the weather was great!






Friday, July 9, 2010

Yes, We Were Part of The Mayhem Too!

My friend rented out two theaters for her closest friends to watch a special screening of  Eclipse before it debuted at Midnight. I took Rachel, Alex and a couple of their friends, It was so much fun to watch them get so excited and giggle when Jacob came on screen with his shirt off!

I think I enjoyed watching the girls giggle and blush more than I enjoyed the movie. That was well worth $9.50 a ticket to experience!



More Summer Fun

We took the kids to Tonto Natural Bridge in Payson a couple of weekends ago. It was so nice to escape the heat and explore one of Arizona’s State Parks. We had a picnic lunch, hiked and explored the bridge for three hours. We got soaking wet while climbing very slippery travertine rocks, this was an awesome day and we can’t wait to go back. On our way home we stopped by Dairy Queen for Blizzard’s.


We finally have an updated family picture and of course I forget to take off my sunglasses! Aren’t we a cute family?


Girls Camp

The moment that Rachel has been waiting for finally arrived, girls camp. We loved hearing about all the wonderful things she did and learned. Some of her favorites from camp were:

1. Singing trees

2. Devotionals/Testimony Meeting

3. The first year hike

4. The food



She had so much fun and feels closer to the other girls. Rachel is really excited that Alex gets to have this awesome experience next year.