Saturday, February 27, 2010


I signed our family up for the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day program. I love going to Disneyland, especially when it’s free. And what a great opportunity for our family to work together and offer service in our community. It’s a win-win for everyone! We volunteered at the Safe Haven cat shelter in Scottsdale. I’m not an animal person but I knew the girls would be in heaven, surrounded by cats and kittens. The Safe Haven Cat Shelter is a house that a bunch of cats occupy; no humans live there. The house is divided in half and the older cats occupy the front of the house and the kittens occupy the back half of the house. Volunteers go everyday to scoop poop, wash the floors, and feed the animals. It takes a lot of work to run the house. Seth tinted the windows, I vacuumed the floors and cleaned out a closet. Rachel and Alex got to groom the cats, hold them and have fun with them. Our volunteer guide mentioned that 60% of the Disney volunteers are no-shows. Can you believe that? Who wouldn’t want to get free Disney tickets and offer some service at the same time!

You’re probably wandering where Jeremy was during our two hour service project. The shelter only needed four volunteers so Jeremy stayed home and offered service for our family. He cleaned the pool and mowed the lawn. After we were all done with our service projects we took the kids to dinner at our new favorite burger joint, Five Guys.








Monday, February 22, 2010

Sixteen – The Sweetest Number

It’s official, Jeremy is old enough to date and drive. Happy 16th Birthday Jeremy! We had a family party with a cake that I made and my sweet husband decorated to look like a guitar pick. We also made some of Jeremy’s favorite foods for his birthday dinner. This is an important milestone because he will advance in the priesthood and because he is ready to receive his patriarchal blessing. I was very impressed when Jeremy approached his dad to get the ball rolling, he’s already had his interview with the Bishop and received his recommend. Next call is to the Patriarch!