Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gilbert Temple Site

Last week after church we took a ride to the site where they have started construction on the Gilbert Temple. On November 13th the ground breaking ceremony will take place. I’m so excited that we get to watch a temple being built in our neighborhood (ok, ten minutes away near my neighborhood). For more information on LDS temples click here and here.





I love this pictures of these two girls.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sushi Anyone?


Seth is a BIG sushi connoisseur. He LOVES it! And when I say he loves it I mean he LOVES the hard-core stuff. He will eat Salmon Roe (salmon eggs) wrapped in seaweed and Uni (sea urchin) with a quail egg.  Because of him I have learned to tolerate it over the years and I’m starting to enjoy the safe stuff.


Seth decided it was time for Rachel and Alex to experience Sushi so last Saturday night they were introduced to Sushi. And what an experience it was! They embraced it and tried everything. I was impressed. Before we ordered sushi the girls were looking at the dinner menu and asked the nice Japanese waitress if they had orange chicken. (I just about died.) The nice lady said, “This is Japanese restaurant.” I added, “Orange Chicken is Chinese.” It was a pretty funny moment!

Alex & Rachel started with the safe stuff. They tried a Spider Roll — soft shell crab, avocado, and rice.


Next was a Las Vegas Roll. Who wouldn’t like deep fried rice, cream cheese, salmon, and crab?

los vegas 

The last of the safe stuff was the Dragon Roll, which was Rachel’s favorite — avocado and eel.


When Seth and I were dating he took me out for Sushi and ordered quail eggs. He challenged me to try it so of course I took the challenge. I had to impress him with my adventurous side. Seth told the girls this story and commented that I’m too wimpy to try it now. So again, I had to take the challenge just to be an example to the girls. But let me tell you this is not my favorite thing to do. Alex decided to try it with me.



This is Alex slurping at it. She never did shoot it.


And that’s me trying to chug it as fast as I can.



rachelsushi Alex and Rachel both tried the Uni (sea urchin). They liked the taste but not the texture. They also tried the salmon roe (salmon eggs). I don’t think that one was a favorite. But all in all it was a fun, adventurous night!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 17, 1999

This was a BIG day for me, this was the day I became a mom. I can’t believe that 11 years have gone by so fast. I feel very privileged that Alex chose me as her mom, she has taught me about unconditional love, patience (still a work in progress), selflessness, and how to lighten up and laugh!

I’m so proud of her and I love her enthusiasm to try new things. She excels at piano, tumbling and horse back riding, and she would love to add more to her plat if I would let her.

Happy Birthday Alex!



For her birthday she wanted to hike to Hole in the Rock have a picnic and then go to the zoo. We had a really fun day, the weather was great and I was really happy because our hike was less than a mile.