Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kitchen Staff

All those sleepless nights, dirty diapers and spit-up are starting to payoff 10 years later! Having girls who are 10 and 11 is starting to work to my advantage! A few Sundays ago I didn't feel like cooking or even had a clue as to what to make for dinner. I know the kids love breakfast for dinner and that would be a special treat for them. When I announced what we would have for dinner the kids got excited and when I made my second announcement that the girls would be cooking dinner the girls were totally excited!

Alex and Rachel cooked eggs, hash browns with cheese, sausage and pancakes! They did a great job cooking and even kicked me out of the kitchen until it was time to eat. They made so much food we had leftover breakfast for dinner for breakfast the next morning!

I can get use to this kind of treatment, I don't mind passing the buck to a couple of naive girls who are in the midst of learning how to cook! They have fun and I get the night off!

Domestic Divas

I was feeling a little domestic a few weeks ago and ordered 64 pounds of peaches to can. I was smart and did get my sister-in-law Lindy in on it with me! We spent an evening last week canning our peaches and having fun talking as we snacked on ice cream sandwiches. Word to the wise don't start canning at 7 o'clock at night it's better to start this project early in the morning!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Alex and Rachel were invited to a birthday party and the theme was Hairspray. They had so much fun getting ready and dressing up. The party started at 8:00 and was over at midnight and lots of the young women from church were their so that made it even more fun to be at a party with a bunch of teenage girls!

Rachel went as a preppy girl and Alex went as a sporty girl!
I am please to announce that no Bumpits were used or harmed, just lots of hairspray!

Labor Day Weekend

Seth, Alex and I went to California for the long weekend and had a nice relaxing time. We visited with friends, hung out, had family come see us and even visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. I think visiting the library was Seth's favorite part of the trip.

Alex, Sami & Jessica

In front of the Ronald Reagan Library

Remember the "Just Say No" campaign?

Stacey & I in front of the Berlin Wall

Seth's with his the best US president in history

Air Force One Tail Number 27000 — We also got to go on board, very cool!

Marine One