Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dog Kennel Project

This project did not result from Bailey's recent decampment, but was already underway. The previous home owners had a similar kennel in the same spot in the yard and it was a strong selling point. We didn't realize that it was "portable" and had been informed by the sellers' realtor that it was a fixture and would convey. But when we were near closing we noticed the kennel was gone. Instead of making it into a sticking point, we set about designing our own kennel. Many thanks to Darrell, our friend and realtor, for the materials and advice.

The floor consists of two pallets made from Woodshades composite fencing materials from Lowes. Around that we built the chain link fence and gate, which came in a kit from Lowes. The dimensions are 7 1/2'W x 13'L x 6'H. The canopy we found at Big Lots and tied to the kennel with zip ties.

Still on the to do list: add a screen to the top to keep the birds out, run a line of misters around the top to cool the dogs, get a swamp cooler for the really hot days — the temperature already reached 115ยบ and you can see how hot the dogs look! — and add two comfy cots.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Following a five day adventure we'll know nothing about until he publishes his memoirs one day (what happens in the pound stays in the pound), Bailey is safely back home playing with Max. After I paid $246 at the pound, he was brought out on a new lead and one of the kids commented on this "cool, free leash". Yeah, free.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lost Dog

It might seem strange to post this online, but just in case someone doesn't see our signs and searches the internet instead…

Bailey is a tri-color, seven year old beagle. Last seen 6/6/08 near the corner of Senate & Erie.

Any information however small will be appreciated.

E-mail beaglebailey@cox.net

or and leave a voicemail.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wedding Photos by Chea Lamb

Our photographer, Chea, posted our proofs to her web site this morning. They're gorgeous!

So we'll start our wedding announcements and order some prints. And while the album remains online, it's also a convenient place for you to browse and admire the whole collection.