Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Tadpole Whisperer

Alex is our animal lover. I remember a few years ago a mouse came into our house. As Seth was trying to chase it out the door with a broom, I was sitting on the kitchen table screaming, “Get it out of the house!” Alex was chasing Seth around telling him not to hurt the mouse. Get the picture? She loves all God’s creatures, big and small, even those that are not so cute and cuddly!

Last week after the rains she collected a big bucket of tadpoles and was determined to care for them till they morphed into frogs. She did loads of research on how to care for them and how to feed them and all of that. Alex really wanted to buy a reptile tank with her money at PetSmart. I suggested she try Craigslist and she found a ten gallon tank for $20. She has done such a great job caring for them. She has about 17 tadpoles that have already sprouted legs. She has spent hours watching, feeding and holding them.



Alex has invested about $30 of her own money, $20.00 for the tank and the remainder on rocks and crickets, her cousin gave her some blood worms. I calculated what it would have cost if she had gone to the store and purchased everything herself:

Tadpoles $7.00 for a few

Reptile Tank $69.99

Rocks, crickets and blood worms $18.00

Total of $94.99

Way to go Alex, good job on taking care of God's creatures and spending your money wisely!

PS. I'm so not the animal/creature lover. She must get that from her dad.